Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blonde Redhead, "My Impure Hair"

Check out this video for Blonde Redhead's "My Impure Hair," from my favorite album of 2007, 23. Directed by Mike Mills of R.E.M., the video is pretty subtle but ultimately rewarding. The song is a lot like that too, so if you can't get into the video just close your eyes, put the headphones on, and listen:

I've lost my key
I've gone too far
Was it enough to make you sick ?
Maybe I live again, but would I lose again my virginity ?
Oh, my virginity

I'm shaped to get in your way
But in the end
We defend our decadence
You never wept like that
Whatever lost I won't forget about you
Oh, forget about you

It's not what I said, it's what you said
It's what you did did that belongs to everyone
It's not what I hate, it's what you hate
Its decadence belongs to everyone

One day I lie next to you and you stroke my impure hair

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