Saturday, March 8, 2008

Some Stuff to Listen to...

Quick fix of what I've been listening to:

DeVotchKa, "Till the End of Time"--DeVotchKa, people. A popular band that somehow never presented itself to me until just now. Now everyone is telling me to listen to them.

Here's a live version of their song "How It Ends"--I like the studio version the best out of all I've heard of it. I just bought it on

Arcade Fire, "Intervention"

Paul Simon, "Mother and Child Reunion"--Set to Gilmore Girls??? What??? I woke up this morning wanting to hear this song, for some reason.

Metric, "Between the Bars"--This is a cover of probably my favorite Elliot Smith song ever by Canadian dance/pop outfit Metric. The lead singer of Metric is actually/also Emily Haines (who I've previously blogged), so I really love this version.


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