Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lust for Life

So, I have been spending this sunday morning in my room, listening to beautiful music on Minneapolis' The Current, which is streamable at It's a great station that plays great music (I don't know what else to say about it); my brother introduced me to it when I was there over Christmas. This mix is about half stuff I listened to there, and half that I found on my own recently. Anyways, you can listen to all of these tracks at the right:

1. "Before I Knew," Basia Bulat: Another "Chanteuse Canadienne," apparently, hailing from Toronto. She's got three tracks on this mix; I love her already.
2. "Foundations," Kate Nash: This is so when I give it to Rowan she'll have something to love. I love it, too, and it's got the energy I wanted for this mix (it's spring, so we need our energy!)
3. "The Passenger," Iggy Pop: What a fucking good song! More energy, more loving life, more wanting to be in the city, more drug-enduced euphoria!
4. "Breathless," Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Cat Power covers this song on her latest album, but--no offense to my darling Chan--she doesn't do the track justice. This song will change our lives if we let it, folks. Here's the cute-ass video, but the sound isn't super and, seriously, get this in your stereo and turn it up...I'm pretty sure this song is going to end up as a standard at the level of Leonard Cohen's "Halleluljah":

5. "Serious," Richard Hawley: A Brit who kind of sounds like Buddy Holly to me. Good song, more energy..."Never Be Afraid!"
6. "So It Goes," Nick Lowe: Now this is fun--the Current hooked me up with another great track from the guy who gave us "Cruel to be Kind." This song is from an album called Jesus of Cool and, God, Lowe might just have had it pulled off in 1977. This is known as "Pub Rock," apparently.
7. "The Step and the Walk," The Duke Spirit: We'll all be buying albums by these guys soon. I predict Shayna and Dan will be first. Kind of like White Stripes if Meg was really the singer???
8. "Hold On," KT Tunstall: Who says they don't play good songs on the radio?
9. "In the Night," Basia Bulat: She's a lot like Natalie Merchant...
10. "For Emma," Bon Iver: This song is pretty amazing and is probably my second-favorite on this mix at this early moment. I would have posted a video of it but, surprisingly, there are none. Just go spend the 99 cents, folks.
11. "Starfish and Coffee," Prince: I've had Prince on the brain lately, thinking I needed to buy more of his stuff. But when I went shopping on iTunes, I couldn't find anything I absolutely needed...until I remembered this track from Sign O' the Times. This reminds me of being ten.
12. "Little Waltz," Basia Bulat: For some reason I'm always impressed by and enamoured of modern pop waltzes.
13. "Here's Where the Story Ends," The Sundays: Thanks Marnie...I think this is actually an autumn song, but sometimes spring can feel pretty autumn-y.
14. "How It Ends," DeVotchKa: Seven minutes of heaven (oh snap, I know something else that's often seven-minutes long and heavenly! Oh, wait...come on, that's like way longer than average...)
15. "Breathless," Cat Power: Cat Power's version. Which do you like better?


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Sarah said...

whoo hoo, i get to be the first to comment! so, i never realized before it was kosher to demand/beg for copies of mixes. OF COURSE I WANT ONE!!! (i mean, come on!)
mirabel says hi, and also wants to pass on that you're "goofy." (One of her favorite words to describe men, it seems.)