Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Weekend Was Better Than Your Weekend

Not really. But I did get to play bingo, and I won two tickets to an upcoming beer tasting at the Pub (well, I won one and Amanda won the other and gave it to me), so that's pretty sweet. And I did Yoga, and I watched The Darjeeling Limited (not bad), and this morning I came home to discover that for some reason the heat had gone out at our house and it's like 45 degrees in here. But I've got my decaf americano and a muffin and basketball on TV, so it's all good.

I wanted to make a mix this weekend, but I never got around to it. So here again are some songs I listened to, during this Weekend of the Glory of Our Lord of Awesomeness:

"Strangers," The Kinks--It's on the Darjeeling soundtrack, and it's really an amazing song. This fan-made video lays out the lyrics for you, which are as truthful and inspirational as anything ever written. The Kinks--more than just "Lola."

"When Doves Cry," Prince--I think the sound quality is pretty bad here, but the video is good even without the sound...this is totally how I remember 1984. This song has gotten me through a few rough days at work lately, too, since it is upbeat and catchy but not so much that it makes me hate my desk. Sometimes I wish I could fade into a reflection of myself, too.

"Fraud in the 80s," Mates of State--This song gave me some energy as I was dragging last night. Pretty interesting video, too. We could all surely try to be more alive!!!

"Sundown," Gordon Lightfoot--Light that thing up and let's do this, bitches.

Bonus: If you haven't already been clobbered over the head by these clips from Jimmy Kimmel Live, you should check these out.

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Jimmy Kimmel is...



Phillippe said...

Pourquoi est-ce qu'il n'y a pas des chanteuses quebecoises dans ce post? As-tu perdu la tete?

Steve said...

Damn it phillippe, you are hereby banned from my blog! You and your French!