Sunday, March 16, 2008

Andrew Bird, "Plasticities"

Sunday morning: drinking coffee, watching basketball, and wasting time by buying music on the Internet--all while I'm supposed to be writing. Is this how Milan Kundera does it, I wonder? Did James Joyce smoke 20 cigarettes and flip through adult magazines before actually getting down to work? I bet he did, the old perv.

In other news, here's Andrew Bird doing "Plasticities," from his 2007 album Armchair Apocrypha, live on Dave Letterman. Jacqueline (and others) will beat me for saying this, but I'm not sure how crazy I am about this song. It is 75% beautiful, but the other 25% (the chorus) sounds kind of like garbage to me. Then again I've only listened to it twice, so my judgment may be slightly premature.

Update: Okay, one day later, and now I like it 94.333 (repeating) percent, so I guess it's officially "good." What other tracks by this guy am I going to love, people?


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