Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Stretch Run

(Photo: For no reason whatsoever, a young Albert Einstein, when he worked at the Patent Office.)

I'm sure everybody has put all of two and two together by now, but I guess it could be a bit harder for those without facebook or myspace accounts. So, let me say it: I'm moving to Oregon, to live with Alex, to date Amy, to hopefully not work very hard in real life and therefore to *succeed* in various writing and self-employment ventures. (Ah, la esperanza...!) I'm moving in about 5 weeks. It's all very exciting, and 90% of what I think of these days.

And with me here writing about music, telling you all that is me telling you about the mix, I s'pose--since there's no way my music listening and the rest of my life aren't completely intertwined, as they usually are.

So what analysis is hidden here; what prism to view the rest of my life can we draw from this mix? Well, the songs are a little more energetic than usual, so I suppose these changes have given me energy. (Or wait: perhaps I'm tired and looking for a pick-up.) Dee-lite starts the whole thing off with all-time dance party favorite "Groove Is in the Heart," which must mean I feel like dancing my life away (wait, crap--I'm probably being ironic, aren't I). Well at least the title, The Stretch Run--surely this signifies I'm at the end of a long race, ready to take a rest, begin a new day.

Then again, I named the last mix "Miles to Go," so it's clear I don't know what is up and what is down. :-P

I kid. Things are looking good for the future. I am excited, and I think this mix reflects that. I've got a lot to do between now and Dec. 5, but by and large it all seems doable, fun, knee-slap happy.

The Stretch Run
1. Groove Is in the Heart, Deee-Lite
2. I Want To Be The Boy, The White Stripes
3. Mardy Bum, Arctic Monkeys
4. Ragged Wood, Fleet Foxes
5. Under Control, The Strokes
6. That Teenage Feeling, Neko Case
7. Re: Stacks, Bon Iver
8. Gypsy, Fleetwood Mac
9. It Beats 4U, My Morning Jacket
10. Effect & Cause, The White Stripes
11. Waltz, No. 2 (XO), Elliott Smith
12. Killing Lies, The Strokes
13. I Am a Child, Neil Young
14. Holiday Road, Lindsey Buckingham

I think "Groove" is one of those songs no one could ever truly get sick of. I mean, you're kind of always sick of it, but it is incredibly infectious. Am I right?...Been listening to a lot of White Strips AND Raconteurs lately. Jack White is a genius, and I don't give him near enough credit..."Mardy Bum" was also on the mix I made for myself when I left Alaska the first time...honestly, Fleet Foxes can do no wrong at this point...double-dip of Strokes on this one; I'm seriously dying for a new album from them. Please Julian et al., please!...the perfect love song, from Neko Case?...I need to digest more of this Bon Iver album to give him a fair shot at the 2008 "Best Of" list. Any other Best Of recommendations out there, dear readers?..."Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac is such a perfect song. I like gypsies...I really wish I had the newest My Morning Jacket CD, but I don't (yet) "Effect & Cause," when Jack White spits the smack "But if you're headed to the grave you don't blame the hearse," I call back "DAMN!!!" every time...had a talk with my new friend Javier about Elliott Smith a few days back. He is punk-folk, I believe we decided...I like how this album ends up, with some quick childish Neil Young and "Holiday Road" by Fleetwood frontman Lindsey Buckingham. Do you know what movie that song is from? Here's your hint.


Amy E. Vorro said...

Wow, big happenings, hope everything works out for you!

Steve said...

Thanks Amy, moving to be with my Amy is exciting, and of course I'll be closer to you, Amy, which is cool, although I'm leaving Amy L. behind, so that's not so ami-able after all.

Ha! Thanks :)

Amy E. Vorro said...

That's a lot of Amy's. I'm not used to that, eek.

I'm really happy for you, Steve - I think Oregon is a great place and have no doubt you'll take it by storm. How's your writing coming along? Any bites?

Kurd said...

My Morning Jacket has another CD coming out? Didn't they just release one before I left? Crazy!

And you moving--also sort of crazy, I suppose. Or so some people might think. Not me, though. I think I predicted this (to myself, of course) awhile back. Good luck, young man, and may the writerly forces be with you.

Steve said...

Thanks KCP. But for the MMJ, it's the same one you have. I never copied it :(. But I do believe Sarah is going to give it to me next week!

Alison said...

i'm still waiting on my unrequited love mix! and congratulations on the whole moving thing!!!!!!

Dan said...

Love your mixes... have had several of them for years and had to do some sleuthing to come find your blog again to see if you had anything new. Any chance of updating these old download links? Thanks, - Dan