Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mea Culpa, Glen Hansard

So, remember that film Once, that everybody loved, that came out like a year ago? Yeah, sure you do; you loved it! After all, it was a good movie, with a lot of good things going on for it: good music, compelling love story, underdog vibe, Irish accents...hard not to like all of those things.

Unless you're me, that is. Being a self-avowed contrarian (purely for contrary's sake), I refused to see the film for about a year, despite Katy constantly repeating how good it was, despite her listening to the soundtrack in the shower every day for about 4 months, despite every single person I've ever met ooohing and aahing when I said I hadn't seen it yet. I don't like musicals, I said. I don't like romantic comedy.

Funny, though, that during my visit to Oregon, I finally did see the film with Amy, and fell in love with it, too. The music is good, not musical-like at all, really; the story is earnest and true, the love story not following the typical romantic narrative; and, let's be honest, Markéta Irglová is about the cutest thing in the world and made the film. (Does it freak anyone else out that she was born in 1988?)

Not only that, but Glen Hansard's work with The Frames is pretty good, too!

So, this is my apology to Glen, Markéta, and their cohorts. Everyone see Once, if you haven't already, and buy the soundtrack, if you haven't done that either.

Glen, Markéta, my bad.

"When Your Mind's Made Up," Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová


Jacqueline DuBois said...

If it's any consolation, I have never heard of the movie. I guess I live in a box. Well I do, a 400 square foot box. Anyway, I'll have to dig it up and watch it someday.

Steve said...

Yeah, you should watch it. It's pretty good. The music is great. (Here I'm just echoing all that stuff I was told about it, too.)

I'm surprised you never heard about it. It won the Academy Award for best song.

But maybe they don't show the Academy Awards in small boxes???

Steve said...

Jacqueline, you should also check out that Cat Power song in the post below this one. I'm sure you'd like that...

Jacqueline DuBois said...

Yepp. Already did. It's a beauty.

Madara said...

you brat. did you not realize that katy and i were watching it at your place a few weeks ago?