Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Mates of State's new album, re-arrange us, came out last Tuesday. I've barely even listened to it yet, but I knew right away it was a must-buy. Mates of State are an awesome band! Their last album won me over completely: lush, ambient, and unabashed, 2006's Bring It Back is intelligent, original pop music of the highest caliber. It's emotional, too--nearly every song I've heard by the Mates comes across as a love song between keyboardist/wife Kori Gardner and drummer/husband Jason Hammel (yes, they're really married and seem perfectly, innocently, in love). Their song "Think Long" is about a good a song as I've ever heard--seriously.

So now that you know how much I enjoy them, you know how terrible I would feel to post their entire album here for everyone to copy. However, I don't feel bad about spreading the Mates around a little (and perhaps prompting you to go buy the album yourselves!)

So here's the first song off the new album, for your download: "Get Better."

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